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Sucking My Balls! The Birth of Miso Funny

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Ok ok, so I, the great Chicky Wing, don’t actually have real testicles (like the ones they make babies with). But that doesn’t stop me from telling poeple to “sucking them!”

As mantras go, this one is reliable. The key is in the poor grammar. “Suck my balls” is too accusatory, and should things go awry, the passive “sucking” can help cover your tracks. Ex.: “Oh, who is sucking my balls, you ask? Why not you, of course, officer.”

But I digress.

Feeling limited by the fact that only a handful of people are usually around to witness my public shamings and derisions, I invented the Internet, then blogging, and then my chef d’oeuvre Miso Funny.

I like to think of Miso Funny as a megaphone – a giant megaphone emitting a constant and resounding “SUCKING MY BALLS!,” with a built-in, state of the art You-Deserve-My-Contempt Radar, for honing in on people, things and ideas that most sorely need to be pummeled by my furious, fist-like words into the back alley chinatown dumpster that is public disgrace.


Christian Bale successfully mocked by Simon Pegg. Simon Pegg outstandingly mocked by me.

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So, rewatching my pirated copy of Batman Begins for the tenth time, I thought I was the only person in the world who’d noticed that Christian Bale’s voice was dubbed over by Kathleen Turner in every scene where he appeared in the Batsuit.

Still wondering why Bruce Wayne retains this raspiness when talking to people who already know he’s Batman, and formulating a hypothesis that the suit itself restricts his vocal chords and that the rasp is beyond Batman’s control, I turned to my most famous invention (the Internet) to prove my theory.

I stumbled instead across the harsh truth that I am not the cleverest person in the world and that Simon Pegg, beloved Shawn in Shawn of the Dead, had gotten to Christian Bale before I did. Pegg, you are a worthy rival indeed!

I do however, have a one-up on Pegg; I never made a movie called How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, though I left something sort of like it in the toilet this morning.